The Elder Center Garden

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a group of doughty ladies decided to create a garden for the new Elder Center due to be built in Cohasset. The club rose as one and fund raised and saved, fundraised and saved, until finally, we had the funds and the building was complete.

A motley crew of your fellow members, otherwise known as the Elder Center Garden Committee, began the process of planning the garden under the determined leadership of Jan Todd. Around Thanksgiving we met at the site a few times, to stare at mud and imagine a sylvan oasis of calm and serenity. We carefully studied site drawings and gave much thought to emergency access and car parks.

As storm after storm, targeted Cohasset in its sights and dumped foot after foot of snow on us all winter, Jan slaved over plant lists and descriptions to ensure that we were all properly informed and to make certain that we chose plants of a practical, low maintenance nature. Slowly but surely a design came together.

In practice, things didn’t always go this smoothly, as our garden area was now under six, seven, eight feet of snow and we were unable to return and check exactly how the bank fell away from where the lawn would go, nor know exactly where the terrace ended, nor be able to measure exactly how long the hedge should be. But Jan is more than a match for even a record breaking series of snow storms and gamely kept us at work until we actually produced a plant list ready for pricing. We plan to have a row of presidential Hawthorne trees, an ilex hedge to shelter the garden from the car park, lots of roses, plus heaths, hydrangeas, witch hazel, birch trees, a stewardia and more.

Our wish list for a garden is being priced and once we have that information, the final plans will be laid, the compost, top soil, mulch and river rocks ordered and our dreams will become reality.

More in our next exciting installment …..