Landscape Design





CHAIR: Barbara Dillon> Historical Society Library

CO-CHAIRS: Terese DUrso> Lightkeepers Cottage

Kathie Gruber> Constitution Park

MEMBER(S): Joan Brown, Barbara Canney, Lee Drew, Martha Gjesterby, Angie Kelley, Barbara Lombardy, Sheila Toomey, Mary Ward


  1. Educate Club members and public in good landscaping practices and design.
  1. Up-keep and maintenance of three community gardens:
  • Lightkeepers Cottage
  • Constitution Park
  • Historical Society at Pratt Memorial Library


Native Plant Garden at Lightkeeper's Cottage, Cohasset Harbor

Native Plant Garden at Lightkeeper’s Cottage, Cohasset Harbor


  • Appoint a deputy to stand in if Chair is unavailable and additional committee members as necessary. It is recommended that Club members who are not Board Members should be included as much as possible. This willspread the workload, familiarize members in the working of the committee, involve them morein the Club’s activities and build succession skills for the future. Submit all names to be included in the Yearbook.
  • Review maintenance needs of the three community gardens and to assist at the Deer Hill School courtyard if necessary
  • Review any new plantings necessary and schedule them in
  • Together with the team captains, arrange a schedule for members to work at the designated gardens at specific intervals and times
  • Liaise with Program Chair to incorporate a minimum of one General Meeting program related to principles of landscape design
  • Submit articles(s) to Newsletter on landscape design topics.
  • Provide Budget for May Board meeting (to be approved at June meeting) to include any new plantings
  • Produce and present Annual Report for June Board Meeting
  • Review Standing Committee Report at end of the second year to determine if any changes are needed
  • Meet with successor to hand over job description and guidelines


  • Appoint a team captain for each garden (can include the Landscape Chair as one). Together with each team captain, review new planting and maintenance needs such as clean-up in the fall and spring, watering new tree/plants over the summer, start-up in spring, etc.
  • Tasks to schedule: removal of debris, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, mulching, spraying, replacing plants, transplanting of crowded plants.
  • HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Start gardening the last Saturday in April and continue every other Saturday until the first of October. Members bring their own tools. If it is raining, wait until the next scheduled meeting. Daffodils and roses need to be deadheaded. Spray for insects and fungus, if necessary. As it is an established garden, little mulching is needed.


MARCH> Rake up winter debris, lime and fertilize grass at Constitution Park (should be done by DPW)

APRIL> Feed rhododendrons and other evergreens acid fertilizer. Mulch 3-4around trees andbeds. Prune, if necessary (not shoots with flower buds).

MAY> Prune shoots around crab-apple trees and wayward barberry shoots, if necessary.

JUNE> Weed, edge beds, remove faded rhododendron blooms

JULY> Weed, water when necessary, dead head as necessary

AUGUST> same


OCTOBER> same. Before leaves fall, lime on grass at Constitution Park (Parks dept.), fall fertilizing for root growth over winter

NOVEMBER> Final raking and clean-up of beds