CHAIR: Gretchen Sheets

DEPUTY: Becky O’Connor, Dana Roberts


  1. Provide a program for Club members to learn about horticulture, gardening and principles of floral design.
  2. Offer at least one opportunity for club members to take part in a flower show hosted by the Club. This show does not have to be public, nor judged.
  3. To encourage members to enter flower shows such as the MFAs annual Art-in-Bloom and Boston Flower Show.


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  • Appoint a deputy to stand in if Chair is unavailable and additional committee members as necessary. It is recommended that Club members who are not Board Members should be included as much as possible. This will spread the workload, familiarize members in the working of the committee, involve them more in the Club’s activities and build succession skills for the future. Submit all names to be included in the Yearbook.
  • Liaise with Program Chair to incorporate a minimum of one General Meeting program related to horticulture and one program related to design
  • Suggest one related field trip a year to the Field Trips Chair
  • Identify a list of workshops for the upcoming year, together with speakers, and submit information to the Yearbook
  • Promote education about tools and techniques for the garden year, designing gardens, and the use of flowers in design.
  • Create a program of education about plants, tools and techniques and their use in landscape design
  • Create a program teaching the principles of floral design to include study of leading designers (see guide for Design Workshop)
  • Identify opportunities for members to take part in flower shows such as the Boston Flower Show, Marshfield and Topsfield Fairs, Art-in-Bloom, plus shows hosted by other garden clubs from time to time
  • Offer one opportunity to take part in a flower show hosted by the Club (see guide for Mini-Flower Shows). Encourage all members to participate.
  • Encourage members to enter other garden clubs’ shows, e.g. Marshfield, Duxbury
  • Announce upcoming workshops in monthly Newsletter and at General Meetings. Pass around sign-up sheets.
  • Provide Corresponding Secretary with a list of materials and supplies that workshop participants will need to bring and request the Corresponding Secretary to post an email reminder.
  • Provide Budget for May Board meeting
  • Produce and present Annual Report for June Board Meeting
  • Review Standing Committee Report at end of the second year to determine if any changes are needed
  • Meet with successor to hand over job description and guidelines


  • Enlist Master Gardeners, nursery men, florists, Club members as speakers
  • Ask for expertise of experienced flower show judges to teach correct methods for showing at flower shows
  • Try a Books-in-Bloom show (see guide)
  • Idea: Present a horticultural display at General meetings (ex: June> Variety of roses, October>chrysanthemums, January> various evergreens)
  • Inform Club members of the opportunities to participate in other flower shows via the newsletter, email and General Meeting announcements
    • Identify members who might be willing to take part and assist them in forming a team to help as necessary
    • Identify the registration process and assist members in the process
  • GCFM website has a lot of information, including details of different classes, together with registration forms
  • Liaise with President who will receive information from both GCFM and other Clubs
  • Encourage members to attend GCFM workshops and/or courses
  • Attend GCFM Horticultural meetings. Report back to CGCC via articles in Newsletter