Craft Workshops





CHAIR: Barbara Canney

DEPUTY: Judy Dickstein

MEMBER(S): Diane Benson, Pat Cammett, Joan Carlo, Judy Dickstein, Debbie Jenks, Iku Isihara, Claire Tinory


  1. Develop workshops to meet membersenjoyment of learning and making crafts and teach those skills
  2. Identify crafts which can be made for the purpose of building inventory for sale at fundraisers, particularly the Yuletide Marketplace.



  • Appoint a deputy to stand in if Chair is unavailable and additional committee members as necessary. It is recommended that Club members who are not Board Members should be included as much as possible. This willspread the workload, familiarize members in the working of the committee, involve them morein the Club’s activities and build succession skills for the future. Submit all names to be included in the Yearbook.
  • Identify workshops program for the year, together with instructor, and submit names to the Yearbook
  • Plan to make crafts suitable for sale at fundraisers. Members can choose to pay for the materials and take the craft home or the club will pay for the materials and members can make the craft for sale by the club
  • Encourage members to sign up to make additional the learned craft items to supply fundraisers. Make it clear that the Club will pay for any materials for this purpose.
  • Keep record of what is being made for each fundraiser, who is making it, and where it is stored
  • Provide Budget for May Board meeting (to be approved at June meeting)
  • Produce and present Annual Report for June Board Meeting
  • Review Standing Committee Report at end of the second year to determine if any changes are needed
  • Meet with successor to hand over job description and guideline


  • Meet with fundraiser chairs to identify the need for crafts to sell, what those crafts are and how many are needed. Build this into the craft workshop program schedule.
  • There are club members who feel they cannot afford to pay for materials and you will not know who they are. Make it clear through the newsletter, emails and meeting announcements that you welcome people to attend the workshops who will make the crafts for the club and the club will pay for those materials. Members will hear this message and be able to volunteer with no financial embarrassment. Dont talk about donating in this context as that means members have to pay for the materials and then give the craft away – a double whammy!