Memorial Books

It is a long-standing tradition for our club to donate gardening-themed books  to the Cohasset’s Paul Pratt Memorial Library collection in memory of club members who have passed away:

YearIn MemoriamBookAuthor
1996Jean Williams"Beatrix: The gardening life of Beatrix Jones Farrand, 1872-1959"Brown, Jane
1996Alice Nisula"For your Garden: Bird and Butterfly Gardens"Schultz, Warren
1996Elizabeth Warren"The Country House Garden: for the Activities of the Country Life 1897 - 1939"Eliot, Bent
1996Birgitta Zimmer"Perennial Gardening with Derek Fell"Fell, Derek
1997Doris Hyland"Self Taught Gardener: Lessons from Country Garden"Eddison, Sydney
1997Barbara Gregg"Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs"Dirr, Michael
1997May Blanche"Index of Garden Plants"Griffiths, Mark
1998Fran Eichhorn"The New Flower Gardener"Greenwood, Pippa
1999Dorothy Bjorkgren"The New Flower Gardener"Greenwood, Pippa
1999Sally Brewer"Bulbs the Four Seasons"Mathew, Brian
1999Rosemary Murphy"Gardening with Grasses"King, Michael
1999Barbara Weisenfluh"The Ornament Kitchen in the Garden"
1999Virginia Hanley"The Living Garden"Powers, Jane
1999Mary Mahoney"Inspired Flower Arrangements"Kawase, Toshiro
2000Mimi Chatterton"What Perennial Where"Lancaster, Roy
2000Linda Reyer"Time-Life Big Book of Garden Solutions"various
2000 Lee Androski"Landscaping Architecture and Design in America"
2001Grace Donohue"The Adventurous Gardener"Donnelly, Ruth
2003Doris Swain"The Complete Guide to Flower Arranging"Packer, Janet
2004Polly Blanchard"Water Garden Encyclopedia"Swindale, Philip
2004Jeanne Toye Gormley"The Natural Shade Garden"Druse, Ken
2007Betsy Hoopes"Organic Gardening for the 21st Century"Fodor, John
2007Nanvy O'Toole"Organic Gardening"Hamilton, Geoff
2008Rita Morton"Northeast - Smart Gardening Regional Guide"American Hort. Society
2008Mary Rose Mitterando"Tasha Tudor's Garden"Martin, Tovah
2008Tish Grinnell"Gardening with Children"Hannemann, Monika
2008Tish Grinnell"Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots"Lovejoy, Sharon
2008Tish Grinnell"Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book for Children"Davis, Tina
2009Boo Leach"Making the Most of Shade"Hodgson, Larry
2009Elinor Thistle Waite"The Well-Tended Perennial Garden"Disabato-Aust, Tracy
2009Jean Hendric Simonds"The Complete Compost Gardening Guide"Pleasant, Barbara
2009Nancy Gilmore"The Complete Guide to Water Gardens, Ponds & Fountains"Fisher, Kathleen
2010Andrea Louise Merrill"Flower Arranging the American Way"D'Oench, Nancy
2010Mary Mack"The American Meadow Garden"Greenlee, John
2010Elizabeth Madden"Starter Vegetable Gardens"Pleasant, Barb
2011Patty Monahan"A Garden Lover's Cape Cod"Fornari, C. L.
2011Karen Ford"Traditional Garden Wisdom"Ryrie, Charlie
2011Avis Sweeny"Perennials All Seasons"Green, Douglas
2011June Hubbard"AHS Pruning and Training"DK Publishing
2012Isabel Kelley"The Living Landscape"Drake, Rick & Tallamy, Doug
2012Dorothy Remick"The Plant Recipe Book"B. Chapman
2013Frannie Burnham"Growing Roses in Cold Climates"Hass, Richard
2013June Hubbard"The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook"Jennifer Bartley
2013Mary Londergran"Weeding without Chemicals"Flowerdew, Bob
2013Polly Logan"Bringing Nature Home"Tallamy, Doug
2014Janet Marliat"Practical Botany for Gardeners"Geoff Hodge
2014Arlene DeVries"The Organic Home Garden"Lima, Patrick and Scanlon, John
2014Barbara Elliott"The Groundbreaking Food Gardens"Jabbour, Niki
2014Doris Flint"Small Garden Handbook"Wilson, Andrew
2015Kitty Whitley"The Myth of Progress"Tom Wessels
2015Jean Syrmopoulos"Growing the NORTHEAST Garden"Andrew Keys
2015Addie McGrath"Visions of Loveliness"Judith M. Taylor
2015Julie Guild"The Secrets of Wildflowers"Jack Sanders
2015Kathleen (Kate) Woerner"Bonsai"Peter Warren
2015Kay Lincoln (Charter Member)"Foodscaping"Charlie Nardozzi
2015Joyce Sturdy (past president)"21st Century Herbal" Michael J. Balick, Ph.D.
2016Vivien Bobo"Meaningful Bouquets"Leigh Okie & Lisa McGuinness
2016Ann Fitzgerald"The Art of Gardening - Design Inspiration and Innovative Planting Techniques from Chanticleer"R. William Thomas and The Chanticleer Gardeners
2016Lucia R. Woods"TERRARIUMS:  Gardening Under Glass"Maria Colletti
2017Phyllis E. Peck"Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation"Donald J . Leopold
2017V. Anne Fenn"Small Home Gardens"Macarena Abascal
2017Ford Fraker

"Journey Around Nantucket from A to Z"Martha Day Zschock
2018Akira Isihara"More Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories”Florence Sakade, illustrated by Yoshio Hayash