Exec Board, Committees, Affiliations

hypertufapotsThe Community Garden Club of  Cohasset was organized in 1959, federated in March of 1960 and is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (South Shore District) and the National Garden Club (New England Region).  Read More about the opportunities to become involved in educational, social and resources of these parent organizations…

Executive Board 2019-2020

President – Sue Reagan
1st Vice President – Sheila Toomey
2nd Vice President – Kelly  Conetta
Recording  Secretary – Vera Hough
Corresponding  Secretary – Diane Benson
Treasurer – Carol Grobel

Maureen Adams, Lelia Weinstein, Dolores Roy, Ann Pompeo, Barbara Dillon

Standing Committee Chairs

Click on Committee links to learn more about what each does:

  • GENERAL MEETINGS & PROGRAMS: First Vice President, Sheila Toomey
  • WAYS and MEANS Plant Sale   Second Vice President, Kelly Conetta
  • House Tour – Kelly Conetta
  • Plant Sale – Judy  Dickstein, Jenifer Stockbridge, Dana Roberts
  • ARBOR DAY – Diane Benson
  • AUDITOR: Vi Farrell
  • ACADEMIC AWARDS – Maureen Flaherty
  • AWARDS:   Ann Pompeo
  • CONSERVATION: Susan Sardina
  • CRAFTS WORKSHOPS – Kate Farrington
  • FIELD TRIPS:Gretchen Sheets
  • FLORAL DESIGN – Cynthia  Chace
  • GARDEN THERAPY: Anne Helbock
  • HISTORIAN:  Julie Hess
  • HORTICULTURE & DESIGN: Jenifer Stockbridge, Judy  Dickstein
  • HOSPITALITY: Pam Kelly, Anne Sexton
  • JUNIOR GARDENERS: Deer Hill School: Dana Roberts, Dorothy Guiney
    • Gretchen Sheets (Historical Society Library)
    • Terese D’Urso, Leila Weinstein, Barbara Dillon (Lightkeeper’s Cottage)
    • Mary Eisenhaure,  Judy  Dickstein
  • MEMORIAL BOOKS: Marcia Diekmann
  • NEWSLETTER: Barbara  Canney
  • NOMINATING: Ann Pompeo
  • PUBLICITY: Carol Graham
  • SENIOR CENTER @ Wilcutt Commons: Dolores Roy
  • SISTER CLUB: Deborah Jenks
  • SPECIAL EVENTS- Pam Kelly, Anne Sexton
  • WEBSITE: Jackie Fitts
  • YEARBOOK: Arienne Lima, Diane Benson

7-12: Lightkeeper's Cottage