Student Awards




CHAIR: Maureen Flaherty

MEMBER(S): Kitty Whitley, Trisha Massa, Annjean Moody,


1. Awards in the form of a prize for an essay are available for Cohasset High School seniors or children or grandchildren of club members. Decide which high school seniors should receive these club awards, currently $3000 total. This amount can be awarded to one or more students who are in good academic standing with preference given to students who have already been involved in activities relating to the Clubs Objective and/or who plan to study allied subjects.

2. The Nancy Gilmore Award, a memorial fund, is available until 2016. This is an award of $200 per annum that can be given to a girl and is administered by Kitty Whitley

3. Attend CHS Senior Awards Ceremony to present the awards


  • Appoint a deputy to stand in if Chair is unavailable and a minimum of 1 other committee members to give an odd number of committee members to administer the awards. It is recommended that club members who are not Board Members should be included as much as possible. This will spread the workload, familiarize club members in the workings of the committee, involve them more in the clubs activities and build succession skills for the future. Submit names to be included in the Yearbook.
  • The Chair should make herself known to the CHSGuidance Office and leave her contact information early in the school year
  • In January, provide criteria for club awards to the CHS for inclusion in their student hand out. At the same time, remind club members via the newsletter, that their children or grandchildren who are high school students are eligible for consideration
  • In April, the Committee reviews applicants and decides winners based on their essay and transcript. The Committee has discretion to decide the amount and number of awards within the amount approved by the Board
  • Once the decision is made, the Chair notifies Guidance the names of the winners
  • Prepare a letter of congratulation for the Presidents signature, request a check for the appropriate amount in the name of the winner from the Treasurer and include it with the letter, attend the CHS Awards Ceremony and make the presentation on behalf of the Club or mail it to a members child or grandchild
  • Provide Budget for May Board meeting (to be approved at June meeting)
  • Produce and present Annual Report for June Board Meeting
  • Review Standing Committee Report at end of the second year to determine if any changes are needed
  • Meet with successor to hand over job description and guidelines